What people are saying about the process

Martin Rutte, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work
“What Barry is doing is massive. He has taken the process of discovering and experiencing authenticity further than anybody else I know. If you want to experience extraordinary results, discover this process.”

Tyson Langille
“I no longer make excuses as to why it didn’t get done; I now just do it, or find where I went wrong and correct it. My mind has never been sharper, and I only foresee it getting even stronger. With your help I want to get to a higher level I truly believe that what you are doing is extraordinary keep up the great work.”

Nancy MacDonald
“It is really very simple; Barry’s authentic leadership teachings provide clarity of purpose, personal insight and practical tools that lead you down a more fulfilling path. This is the most effective and lasting leadership professional development I have experienced over my career.”

Jeff Mayhew, President, Axia Developments Inc.
“Leading up to the time I started working with Barry it was very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After only a few sessions with Barry and many brief follow-up chats, things have totally changed. I am more relaxed, I sleep better, my work week is never over 40 hours and I’m getting way more done then I could imagine!”

Bernie Lyons, President, Aventoro.com
“It was profound when what I do best became clear to me and I knew that this meant moving away from what was familiar. I left my career of twenty years, and I shape the ideas and inventions of really smart people so that they can connect their technologies with the market. This has transformed my work from something I was good at to something that is incredibly fun, rewarding and purposeful.”

Michael Delano, Senior Manager, Telus Mobility Canada
“Step outside of the box if you want to create something truly different. This gave us the skills to remove roadblocks we didn’t know existed. This enabled us to achieve individual goals faster and has had a lasting impact on the productivity of our team.”

Glenn Stewardson, Assante
“Barry takes simple things that weren’t working and makes them work effectively.”

Chris Hazel, Manager, Maritime Life
“What I took away was not what I expected. I didn’t just learn a new formula or approach….I learned a different way to connect with people.”

Amber Cox, General Manager, Olympia & York, Purdy’s Wharf
“It’s a unique program that gives you a new approach to empowering your employees to achieve what is important to them which in turn supports your direction and vision.”

Ho-Sing Tom, VP/Owner, PC Medic
“Any previous knowledge I had before in “leadership” coaching is made obsolete with these new tools. Standard methods of coaching are ineffective when compared to this process of coaching.”

Melvin Burns, President, Rod’s Machine Shop
“I realize now everyday I am reaching my goals, I now know I have success, I realize what success is and I have been help others. It helps me everyday to live my life in a way that I want.”

Rick Martin, Founder, Best Management Practices Network
“Barry ‘s leadership coaching program is transformational in nature. It shows and teaches you how to become an empowering leader and coach and it sticks because it does it from the inside out. If your business goals is to have a transformed, empowered organization, your leaders need this course because it will transform your organization from the inside out.”

Phil Tower, Manager T& D, Atlantic Wholesalers
“Leadership Coaching II gives participants/business leaders the tools needed to literally see, clearly their personal vision and a process for sharing that vision with others. The powerful end result is people who want to help, want to be involved in that vision. All businesses want engaged people. Here is a process that really works to achieve highly motivated employees aligned to the bigger picture.”

Tony Kennedy, President, Canadian Marine Engineering
“Very powerful, a worthwhile investment. This will help anyone who comes in with an open mind.”

David Dumaresq, Sales Manager, Simplex-Grinnell
“Think or imagine what it would be like to deal with staff issues, problems in a manor which empowers the individual to resolve their own issues or problems.”

Mark Hillier, Food Service Manager, NFLD AMCA
“It can create a happier, healthier workplace.”

Tony Howatt CA, Partner, Fraser & Howatt
“Business Pathways provides a systematic approach to problem solving/coaching that you won’t get to on your own efforts”

Carol Tooton, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association
“The joy I felt when the person I was coaching got the solution!! Be prepared for a different experience; be open minded, expect great things and you will leave the 2-day session with new skills, new tools that you are committed to use and that you know work.”

Todd Parnell, President, PC Medic
“Coach others into a solution instead of providing it to them and learn to communicate with others by using their “map” as a guideline. Leadership skills need to be taught and this course does this.”

Mark McGrath, President/Owner, Windows Plus
“There are a lot of process methods for resolving problems and having personal growth that are internal, and that by taking the time to learn these will help you achieve your goals much quicker.”

Nicholas Carson, General Manager, The Prince George Hotel
“The actual technique presented here for coaching purposes is a powerful tool that I believe would produce excellent results and I hope to be able to put some of these skills into practice.”

Cheryl Flemming, Client Service Unit Director
“The program was extremely powerful and energizing. I would be happy to recommend Barry Braun and Pathways to Learning for organizational change support or vision development.”

Peter Vartresian, VP and Chief Financial Officer
“I found myself learning more about myself and understanding myself and that has really helped me be more successful. I think what you do Barry is show us how to open the door to our own success. You know the way, you just basically open the door for us”

Derek Thomas, Business Owner
“It’s fresh and different than what you have experienced in the past.”

Nancy MacReady-Williams, Vice-President, Workers Compensation Board
“An invitation to bring ‘heart’ into the marketplace and reap the benefits.”