Partnership Opportunities

Deliver greater value to your entrepreneur members

Deliver value to your organization

Entrepreneurs want more than information – they want value that impacts their business. They want things that they can do that make an immediate difference to their business.

We are entrepreneurs and we know how entrepreneurs think. We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them find clarity, confidence, market positioning, strategy, and action plans.

Entrepreneurial success comes from more than just knowing what to do, success comes from doing and the biggest limitations most entrepreneurs have is not a lack of knowledge, it is a lack of doing what they know.

This sets us apart from other training/professional development organizations.

We focus on Real Results – always. We promise that entrepreneurs who leave our programs will leave with the commitment and ability to do things that make a difference.

Our proposal to you

Partner with us – we will deliver the program, you take the credit and we share the revenue.

We are happy to deliver our training programs under your brand. We promise that your members will leave satisfied that they got something of real value and that is unique. We always challenge conventional thinking while staying in the real world. Entrepreneurs who seek success welcome this kind of challenge. They see real value in being able to see the world through different eyes.

Your organization promotes the training / workshops. You take the credit.

We share the revenue which can bring thousands of dollars to your organization. It’s win – win – win

Contact us now to work out the details.

“What Barry has done is huge. Things have totally changed. I am more relaxed, I sleep better, my work week is never over 40hours and I’m getting way more done then I could imagine! Taking personal time (ie vacations long and short) never seemed easier.

Our fourth generation retail sporting goods business was suffering from competition of the big box stores. Barry showed me what it really was to be an entrepreneur. We created our Inspiring Dream founded on our basic values and it worked. By making it the foundation of everything we do – how we buy, how we interact with customers, how we interact with each other, our team has come together and we have turned the corner. Our sales have increased by 14%, we have added 3% to our margins and our bottom line is becoming healthy again- all this while industry wide retail sales are down. The momentum is just getting started and we have renewed confidence in our business.  The most exciting thing is my team has stepped up to the plate big time providing the creative solutions that enable us to bring unique value to our customers that the big box stores can’t compete with. And I feel better than ever about the value we are bringing to our customers.”

Jeff Mayhew, President