Barry Braun makes it easy to look in the mirror and beyond the obvious.

At the time of his international debut as a published author – he was well on his way to challenging key perceptions that diminish our ability to achieve, stay engaged and build momentum. His book, “Do Less – Get More” served as the inspiration behind Conquer the Invisible™ – a program that accelerates the ability of management teams to leverage authenticity as a foundation for leadership and workplace culture.

As a certified executive coach and facilitator for senior management since 1996, Barrry’s experience as a CEO of a manufacturing company, and his work with industries across North America – give him insight into some of the the most pressing issues CEOs and their teams face.

“Our sales were shrinking. Since discovering and implementing our real competitive advantage, our sales are up by 20% and growing.”   Jeff Mayhew – CEO Sportwheels


“This program brought us focus and we are on track to building a valuable business. ”  Gordon Neal – CEO Fun-Raiser



Professional History to Experience

Coach and Consultant to Senior Executives and Sales People, since 1997
Keynote Speaker, since 2000
Personal Development and Communications Trainer, since 2000
Start-up business owner manufacturing and wholesale, 1990 – 1996
Regional Sales Manager – Montreal Trust, 1981 – 1990
Sales, 1976 – 1980
Industrial Engineer, 1972 – 1976


Build a Legacy that Matters – (book 220 pages) available on

Do Less get More by Thinking Inside Out (book 216 pages) Available on
Pathways to Alignment (CD Series)
Real Estate Sales, Is it the Career for You? (book)
Many articles in trade journals and mainstream magazines

Major Trainings

Coaching Certification – CNLP, 1990
MBA – Dalhousie, 1983
B. Eng. RMC, 1972