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Most entrepreneurs start off with a dream and then find themselves trapped by their business.

Business Pathways offers workshops to entrepreneurs in a joint venture with organizations who support and champion entrepreneurs.

We deliver the content – your organization invites entrepreneurs to attend – we share the revenue.

Workshops can be either live or on-line.

If you want to offer your entrepreneur constituents a unique offering to challenge their current thinking and enhance their abilities to make their businesses bullet proof from competitors, more fun to run and increase profitability, contact us to start a conversation. We will work out the details on how this  will make this a no-brainer offering for your organization.

“What Barry is doing is massive. He has taken the process of discovering and experiencing authenticity further than anybody else I know. If you want to experience extraordinary results, discover this process.”

Martin Rutte
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

Build a Legacy that Matters

“For those who yearn to build a business that has a positive impact in the world, Braun’s book is an inspirational and invaluable resource. Offering clear steps for setting your strategy, taking action, and holding firmly to your mission, Braun guides us through the process with wisdom and grace.”

Olivia Parr-Rud
Author Business Intelligence Success Factors and Data Mining Cookbook

Our philosophy is that entrepreneurial businesses should both create wealth and serve the founders sense of purpose.

This is a practical program where entrepreneurs will be challenged to approach their business with a fresh sense of passion. Based on the book of the same name, this 8 hour program is designed to get results.

It will give entrepreneurs the means of moving from busy to results. It will challenge them as to the purpose of their business and how to shift the purpose of the business from survival to passion. It will ask entrepreneurs to make commitments that make results that solve their biggest challenges.

This program is best designed for experienced entrepreneurs.

Real Competitive Advantage

Give your company the advantage

This 1 day workshop will change your thinking about what your real competitive advantage is. If you think your competitive advantage is your product, your pricing strategy, your promotional strategy or how you deliver your product or service to your customer, you will want to come to this workshop.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand the true competitive advantage you have that your competitors can never copy
  • Answer the three key questions that uncovers your real competitive advantage
  • Know how to implement that advantage in a simple, cost effective way that gets real results fast
  • Have your customers create a loyalty that is rare in today’s competitive environment
  • Position your product or service for value rather than as a commodity

By connecting to your Real Competitive Advantage – our clients have been able to boost sales and profitability by anywhere from 20% to 100%. You can  too.

“Our sales were shrinking. Since discovering and implementing our real competitive advantage, our sales are up by 20% and growing.”

Jeff MayhewOwner, Sportswheels

About Barry Braun

At the time of his international debut as a published author – Barry was well on his way to challenging key perceptions that diminish our ability to achieve, stay engaged and build momentum.


As a certified executive coach and facilitator for senior management since 1996, Barry’s experience as a CEO of a manufacturing company, and his work with industries across North America – give him insight into some of the the most pressing issues CEOs and their teams face.

“A simple, yet unique system that is effective for improving sales as well as helping people improve themselves. As a business owner, I highly recommend this program.”

Mark McGrath
President/Owner, Windows Plus

“The highest value the workshop delivers is the goal setting and the biggest benefit of this is focus. Now I don’t lose sight of what is important. Because of the workshop, my major accomplishment is that we have been able to grow our business on an on-going basis.”

Susan Helliwell
President and CEO, Praxes Emergency Specialists Inc.